“Childhood Cartoons” the Theme of EVHS’s Battle of the Classes 2021

The sub-themes of 2021's Battle of the Classes. Clockwise, from top left: Class of 2021's Powerpuff Girls, Class of 2022's Phineas and Ferb, Class of 2023's Pokemon, and Class of 2024's Gravity Falls.


The sub-themes of 2021’s Battle of the Classes. Clockwise, from top left: Class of 2021’s Powerpuff Girls, Class of 2022’s Phineas and Ferb, Class of 2023’s Pokemon, and Class of 2024’s Gravity Falls.

Christina Huang

The annual Battle of Classes (BOTC) is set to take place in the upcoming months, and preparations have already begun. Sign-up forms, giving students the chance to be a part of their class’ Acting and Dance Crew (ADC), Deco committee, or Tech Crew, have been released as a part of these preparations.

Every BOTC, Students from every grade level of Evergreen Valley High School compete to show off their school spirit in this school-wide event.  In the process of designing banners, learning choreographies, and writing skit scripts, students have the opportunity to exercise their creativity and meet new people from all over the school. 

There will be many events that are going to be at BOTC this year, including skit and animation, dance and acting, and esports. The Deco Committee has also created several art pieces for BOTC, including (but not limited to) Instagram 4×3 collages. Leading up to the main BOTC event, there will also be lunch-time activities, spirit days, and rallies.

This year, the theme for Battle of the Classes is “Childhood Cartoons,” chosen from a school-wide vote and beating the competitors “Mythology” and “Avatar.” Once the overarching theme was decided, each class then chooses a cartoon tv show as their subtheme, which becomes the theme that all of their preparations are based on.

The class of 2021 chose the Powerpuff Girls for their sub-theme, while the class of 2022 chose Phineas and Ferb. The class of 2023 decided on Pokemon, and finally, the class of 2024’s theme is Gravity Falls. 

Last year, due to the sudden lockdowns that came with the initial COVID-19 outbreak, all BOTC events had to be completely cancelled. Learning choreographies at lunchtime, decorating the school with banners, gathering together with friends to cheer on their classes – trademark BOTC traditions – were all in-person and therefore not possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, ASB members have been determined to bring back school spirit by ensuring the flagship event of the year happens, no matter what. Aryana Custodio, the secretary of the Class of 2024, says, “Many other schools have decided to skip out on wide school events such as HOCO and BOTC due to distance learning. However, EV wants to still incorporate having these events.”

Adjustments to BOTC have been made to comply with safety and regulations. Things like competitions, art, and advertisements have all become digital. Custodio continues, “The class officers and leadership came up with different forms of competition and games, but online.” For example, the ADC (Dance) has been turned more into a music video, where participants send in their own part of the video. Advertisements are all broadcasted on social media, and the art is mostly digital. 

EVHS is a growing community, and in students’ 4-year journeys through high school, they learn to develop bonds with other students. A huge part of BOTC serves to strengthen that bond. Custodio says, “The thing I like most about BOTC is probably the process. Having fun and struggling together is what brings others closer together. Going through the good and bad together.” Even though Distance Learning, when engaging with teachers and other students seems difficult, students can still find plenty of ways to meet and connect with new people through school events like BOTC. 

 Students of all different skills and talents are working hard to make BOTC as fun and memorable as possible. Their efforts will shine through the school in this time of Distance Learning gloom.