Schitt’s Creek Review


Diya Karakala

After five seasons full of laughter, tears, and heartwarming moments, the popular Canadian show, Schitt’s Creek, released their sixth and final season. The beloved show provided many hilarious and touching moments. Created by Eugene Levy and his son, Dan Levy, the show takes the question “What would happen if a wealthy family lost their money?” and builds on it.

The show follows the Rose family: David Rose (Dan Levy), Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) and their parents Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) as they get thrown out from their luxurious lifestyle and are forced to adjust quickly. The Rose family owned a thriving business, Rose Video, but after their business manager steals all of their money they have nowhere else to go except Schitt’s Creek, a scrappy town that John bought as a joke. The Rose family is forced to adapt and interact with animated, outgoing people such as Roland Schitt (Chris Elliot), the mayor, and his wife, Jocelyn Schitt (Jenn Robertson). 

While at first, I did think this would be another cliche show with the same plot as many others, I was proven wrong. The characters are well-written and as the relationships between characters progressed, I found myself becoming more attached to the show. I enjoyed watching all the interactions and funny scenarios created. One of those scenarios was when Johnny and Moira went to a car dealership. Moira went in with another one of her iconic accents while making up a tragic life story to get a cheaper price on a car, only to be recognized a few moments later. While Moira’s costumes, wigs, and accents are the most noticeable out of all of the characters, the costumes for the other characters are well done and really show who they are as a person.

One of my favorite aspects of the show is the way they develop the family’s relationship. When they were living in their mansion, they never cared about each other. They had everything they needed and anything they could ever want. However, when they lost their money and possessions, they were forced to live in a motel room together and rethink everything. They began to realise how invaluable the possessions were and how important it is to have people who care. They made connections with others in the town who, in turn, helped them grow and change. They started sharing things with each other and tried to help one another through difficult times. They still argue from time to time, but overall, they became closer to each other.

Besides Moira, one of the characters that stands out the most is Alexis. Her character’s arc is one of the best in the show. Like all of the characters in the show, she had room to grow from the very first episode. She went from someone who is naive and only cares about relationships to an independent and compassionate person. Despite her being smart and crafty, she was a rebellious child whose only goal was to have fun in life. But, when she was kicked out of the mansion, she had to reconsider everything. She began to use her knowledge to try new things and push herself. She finally finished high school and went on to start her own business. Instead of only focusing on herself like she used to, she made friendships with others in the town. Like the rest of her family, she realised how important it was to have people you can rely on. She soon became that person to many people in town and to her family, especially David. Even though Alexis changed, she did fall back into her old habits a few times, making her growth feel more natural and human. 

While I enjoyed the show a lot, there is one thing I did not like: the pacing of the first few episodes. I found it hard to be hooked and want to watch the show. They moved slowly and seemed to be a starting point to build the next few episodes on. However, after I finished the first episodes and continued on, it soon became clear why so many adored the show. A lot of the comedy in the show is based on the characters personalities. So, after the characters started to show themselves more and the viewers became more familiar with them, the show really started to take off.

Overall, I really enjoyed Schitt’s Creek. The show did a good job of bringing interesting and relatable characters to life. The series finale (appropriately titled “Happy Ending”) leaves the viewer feeling satisfied and delighted.  Schitt’s Creek is a show I know I will be rewatching and one that I would definitely recommend to others.