Volleyball Senior Night


Inaya Yusuf

Senior Night

While the JV team celebrates their victory, the varsity players step onto the court to warm up. They perform difficult maneuvers as second nature and work together as one. Before their match begins, the EVHS community recognizes the seniors on the SC team and the four seniors on the EV team: Adriana (captain), Angela, Alex, and Kara (Players #4, #6, #16, and #13, respectively). All four have been playing on the team for at least three years. Wearing sashes and carrying flowers, each of the four is introduced and walks across the gym with their grandparents, siblings, parents, friends, and “volleyball moms”. They share a bit of advice and their plans for the future. Teammates read out heartfelt messages emphasizing how much they will miss each of the girls, and Coach Dion reads a speech about the commitment, grit, and perseverance the four possess on and off the court. The whole ceremony was enough to bring tears to my eyes, even though I didn’t know them personally. The EVHS crowd was grateful that they were willing to share their journey both as students and as players with us.  

Victory & Volleyball

While nearly nothing felt better than the EV team scoring an annihilating spike, this game did not give off a “crush them” vibe for sure. Yes, it felt good to be on the winning side, but just connecting to the EVHS community was already a win for everyone. Getting to hear about the Seniors and seeing what how close-knit together the volleyball team is was the highlight of the game, everything else aside. The little things made it all: from the high fives (even after losing a point), to the collective energy from a team cheer, and especially the smiles and tears on the faces of the Senior players and their families. Everyone left the gym with high hopes for the team and its members in their future games and future lives.