Bill Wilson’s Smash and Splash


Auleena Das

We just had EVHS’s annual Smash and Splash event for the week of 9/16-9/20 to start off the amazing 2019-2020 school year. We continue to spread kindness and charity by heavily promoting our students to donate to the Bill Wilson Center through our Smash and Splash event! 

Let’s explain more about what the Bill Wilson Center is! The Bill Wilson Center is an amazing non-profit organization that helps youths in our community for various reasons. They help with Child Abuse, LGBT Outreach, Maternity, Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, and of course, homelessness. They offer many reaches such as counseling, foster care services, drop offs, mental health services, Safe Place Program, Crisis Center, and yes, they provide housing to homeless youths in our area. If you ever need the services provided by Bill Wilson Center, they are located on 3490 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Their phone number is (408) 850-6125 and their email is [email protected]

So what exactly is Smash and Splash? Well, it is a tradition that has been going on for the past years at EVHS! If we raise a certain amount we get to smash whipped cream into our teachers face and splash them with a bucket of water. Each milestone we reach we get to Smash and Splash one more teacher and the previous ones. For example, if we reached $6,000 we get to Smash and Splash Mr. Boostani, and if we reached $7,000 we would get to Smash and Splash Mr. Kleckner and Mr. Boostani. If we reached only $100 we would get Ms.Y, a little more and we would get the 2023 officers, around $4,500 we would get Mr. Griffin, and so on. It’s sort of like unlocking characters in a game. All the teachers sit in a circle while they get ready to lick whipped cream off their face before the water washes it away. In the past four years, the student body has been able to donate an astounding $34,000 to the Bill Wilson Center! Our goal this year is $7,000 (if each person donates 2 dollars that would be enough) and last year we raised $7,486.09. So how do you donate? Simple, our school’s leadership students make donation boxes. They carry one around with them and leave one in their 5th period liaison class. You can’t donate to your fifth period or if you see someone carrying around a box. Also, everyday there would be donation boxes in the lower quad, there would be the 2023 box, 2022 box, 2021 box and 2020 box. You donate to your respective class and you can donate any day that week. 

As a community we banded together and were able to raise a total of $5,797.31! The class of 2023 raised the most with $888.38 and Ms. Marfia Roza won the classroom competition with $377.87. Shreeya Kar raised the most with $180. While we did not reach our goal, we tried and because of that Mr. Kleckner still volunteered to be Smash and Splashed. Not to mention a photographer came from BWC to capture our good acts of charity. Good Job Cougars!