Homecoming Night Rally


Mylinda Tran

The long-awaited Night Rally was hosted on Wednesday, October 9th, at the school football field. As doors opened around 5:00 pm, Students, parents, and alumni formed lines around the entrance eager and jovial to support their fellow peers Pixar was the theme of this Homecoming, with each class given different subtopics: Freshman as Monster’s Inc, Sophomores as Finding Nemo, Juniors as The Incredibles, and seniors as UP.

The Rally began with the National Anthem, followed by the traditional Athlete’s Run where performers and sports teams walked around the track, waving enthusiastically to their fellow peers, filled with energy for the night. Each class performed their skit, revolved around their class theme. Freshman wowed the crowd with their dances and skit about Boo’s love life. Sophomores took the audience on a journey to restore Marlin’s, Nemo’s dad, lost memories. Juniors guiding the audience through the story of how Violet lost JackJack. But most of all, the Senior’s skit, about Carl Fredricksen and Russel’s post-movie life left many in tears and catharsis from the heart-wrenching skit topped off with expressive dances. Between skits and club performances, the boy’s powderpuff from each class performed their well-planned cheer routines, representing their class. Some songs such as POP/STARS and Kill This Love had audience members dancing along with the boys. 

The final Powderpuff game between Juniors and Sophomores game commenced after senior powderpuff’s exhilarating cheer routine. Juniors scored a touchdown as their fellow classmates jumped on their bleachers and cheered for them. The game ended prematurely announced to be finished on Friday night. Shortly after the game though, many Students left early around 8, with their parents at home worried about a possible detrimental power outage in the area, announced by PG&E. For the very same reason, the Night Rally ended earlier than usual, around 8:30 pm. Despite that, the Rally did not fail to leave an impression on many, leaving on goers with something to remember and maybe an anecdote or two to tell.