Kalysa Chan

After much anticipation and chilly weather, Winterfest arrived to the campus of EVHS at the culmination of the first semester! From the hours of 5 to 8, the school was open and charged with an energetic atmosphere in the air that furthered everyone’s night.

Tickets went through the rounds as students and guests packed the area in a successful turnout, stopping at all the variety of tables our clubs have set up. The tables held everything from food & drinks to buttons and plants. Of course, even more things awaited.

A special experience waited inside Cougar Hall- a talent show put on by the students of the school. Besides all these, special attractions lay beyond the ticket stand. As customary, a ferris wheel stood tall for everyone to ride. This year, a swing was also added, and it became popular as well.

A successful Winterfest, all in all, thanks to the students of EVHS! Hopefully all who attended had a good night.