Unity Week


Malaya Mosqueda

Unity Week at EV is all about coming together to highlight, accept, and embrace all our groups on campus and embody MLK’s dream. Starting the after MLK day, January 20th, this week cultivates an environment to learn about other cultures through participating in new activities and showcasing cultural performances. Student Advisory Committee Head, Emily Le, led the Student Advisory club meetings that were held once a month in the Yearbook office. The Student Governing Board and the Presidents/officers of our cultural clubs met together to brainstorm new ideas and events for Unity Week. 

Around 16 of our clubs hosted activities at their own booths around the Valley with club stickers you can collect and then receive a Unity Week pin. Vietnamese Student Union hosted Bầu cua cá cọp, Kababayan Club played the elephant trunk game, Black Student Union had trivia pong, Japanime played a memorization game, Muslim Student Association hosted a marble game, Folklorico & Latino Student Union played Lotería, Girl Up carried water buckets, French Club tested how well you and your friend know France, Sikh Honors Service Society played with marbles, Chinese Student Union had chopstick relay, International Desi Connection enjoyed card games, Polynesian Club held aloha plinko, Gay-Straight Alliance hosted LGBT celebrities game, K-Club danced free dance play and charades, and Johroyku Taiko with Jenga and sequence memorization game. Thursday during lunch, Polynesian Club and Johroyku Taiko had a spectacular performance in the Valley with the beautiful hula movements and beats of the drums. 

We ended Unity Week off with a bang with the cultural club presidents presenting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. On behalf of Leadership, Student Advisory Club, and EVHS cultural clubs, we hope you enjoyed Unity Week and learned something new about one of the many cultures we embrace on campus.